How Indian “jugaad” is fighting the corona virus Scare?

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How Indian “Jugaad” is fighting the coronavirus is Now Research Topic In Foreign Media. We are creative and given the Bad Condition we like to innovate.

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It all started As ⁦our beloved PM Narendra Modi⁩ calls on every citizen to fight the coronavirus, they have quickly come up with frugal fixes because Indians know how to innovate using what’s on hand.

PM Modi Himself started using Self-Distancing calls in Cabinet Meetings

circles, boxes and the lines drawn at grocery stores and vegetable markets to ensure physical distance, government machinery enforcing the lockdown and the Indian jugaad of converting railway wagons into isolation wards, some scientists and organizations quickly designing testing tool kits and ventilators have received global acknowledgment marking appreciation of India’s intent to fight the challenge of the virus, showing the way to others.

Hand Stamped so That One is differentiated as Quarantined

We created 7000+ bed isolation wards in 7 days using standing Rail compartments – JUGAAD to Make Word Class Hospital using Indian Railway’s standstill Trains — What an Idea sir ji?

Small Rounded Circles outside supermarket to Have People wait for their turn for shopping that too keeping safe distance- Only Chalk is Required

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