Finally Nirbhaya Gets Justice! Late but served, Reactions at Twitter


FINALLY NIRBHAYA GETS JUSTICE! LATE BUT SERVED. All 4 death row convicts have been hanged at Tihar jail. The long wait is over and Justice is finally served after 7 years .

The entire nation lauds Justice for Nirbhaya.May her departed soul Rest In Peace.

All four #Nirbhaya gang rape and murder case convicts hanged in Delhi’s Tihar Jail, victim’s parents say justice finally done

justice Delayed But Not Denied Big Salute And Respect to Asha Devi, Seema Samridhi


Somewhere, deep inside, it feels good to see the evil #Nirbhaya rapists repeatedly knocking doors of the court begging for their lives to be spared & their mercy petition repeatedly getting declined!! The only thing they deserve is death!! #NirbhayaVerdict


No need to celebrate the hangings. It took F***ing 7 years & persistence of Nirbhaya’s parents for justice to be delivered. #NirbhayaVerdict


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